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Been sewing some yo-yos


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, life has suddenly got a bit mad!  So, the jumper is still going..!  I’ve needed something quick and easy to do to compensate for the slow progress of the jumper, and so I’ve been doing some sewing.  This was triggered by the fact that I have completely sorted through my bedroom, and let me tell you, it looks like a palace!  A quite small palace, I’ll admit, but I really like being in there now because it’s so tidy and relaxing.  So, I decided it needed things on the walls, so I have started to make a wall hanging.  Out of my old pyjamas.  Well, they had shrunk so much they were unwearable, and I liked the pattern.  This led me to dig out other old clothes that are not fit for anyone to wear, even in bed.  I found a red t-shirt.  And further digging has thrown up a purple nighty I had when I was 15 with ‘night party’ written on it.., and some black velvet left over from some trouser legs.  Here are some of the yo-yos I have made out of the pyjamas and t-shirt:

I’m going to sew them together into a heart-shape for my wall, and if I have any left over I will make matching cushion  covers.  I have quite a lot already – 29 –  and that’s only from the pyjama top and t-shirt, I haven’t started on the trousers or other fabrics yet.  Lots to do!  More knitting updates over the next few days!

Knit and Tipple, and some lovely soft yarn


Well, I hope everyone has recovered from the workshop on Sunday!  I certainly had fun!  The lovely ladies that came gave us permission to take some photos, so here is one of all of us (thanks to Ruth for being the photographer):

And another shot of some very fast-looking knitting:

Hehe, speedy knitters!  We learnt casting on, knitting, purling and casting off, and other people also learnt pattern reading basics and new knitting stitch patterns.  Good news: there will be another one!  Date yet to be announced.  We’ll be doing more advanced pattern reading in that one, keep your eyes peeled on here for some more free patterns being posted…

Update on the jumper situation: I think I’m 3/4 the way there with the Frilly Jumper.  And from the pink jumper I unravelled I got 950 metres of this:

Unfortunately it’s not quite enough for the jumper I wanted to do, which requires around 1300 metres, so I’m on the look out for another pattern.  It’s lovely yarn though, really floaty soft, can’t wait to knit with it!

Spring is here! And so is some more yarn…


Well, today is turning out to be a good day!  For a start, look what we have growing!

Aren’t they just stunning?  I turned up a bit early for my teaching this morning so went for a walk in the Marie Louise Gardens.  Everything is really beautiful there at the moment, but the spring flowers there are mainly over, so it’s lovely to have some of these growing just outside my living-room window.  Also, somebody seems to have stolen a sundial from the Marie Louise Gardens.  I’m assuming it’s just for scrap metal, but what a real shame.

So, on my way back from teaching, I just *happened* to go into a few charity shops, and may have *accidently* bought another jumper for yarn… ahem.  Well, it was only £4!

It’s an acrylic, wool and angora blend and is really soft, so was definitely a bargain!  And because of that big turtle-neck and long sleeves I can definitely get another jumper out of it.

It’s a bit pinker than you can see in these photos, I really like it.  I think it’s a DK, I’ll let you know when I have unravelled it.  I have to go into town now to get some supplies for the workshop on Sunday, so I’ll deal with this jumper next week, I think.

What’s your craft and why do you like it? Comments here please…


Well, you can see from my quasi-manifesto in my ‘about’ page the reasons why I love knitting.  You can also see I dabble in other crafts, but knitting is my main one.  What is your craft and why do you like it?

Yet more sock stories


Hmm, maybe I should rename this blog the sock blog.  Just thought I’d post a little pic of another ‘sock rescue’ I did for Christmas.

The centre flower was a purple sock made into a fabric yo-yo.  And then there is a layer of scrap lace, a layer of fabric I had left over from a ‘trouser rescue’, then scrap felt and finally more lace.  This one is a brooch I made for my housemate.  but I liked it so much I think I might have to make myself one!

Frilly jumper update:  I have started the sleeve shaping!  It’s a jumper that is knit in one piece, from the back up to the sleeves and then back down to the bottom of the front.  More pics in the next few days!

The Sock Rescue Mission


I have a bag full of socks who have lost their friends.  I help these socks to find new friends by turning them into other things (they are knitted items, after all).  Uses for socks that I have found include: as a stuffing for a pin cushion, to turn into flowers to embellish things, and most recently to turn into an iPod cover.  Here is the result:

This was made from an insulated sock, so it protects the iPod quite well, and the ribbing at the top keeps it safely inside.  The roses are made from some scraps of fleece I had left over from Christmas crafting.

Arty shot from the side: