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First post and some unusual yarn


First posts are tricky, aren’t they?  So I thought I’d start with a photo:

More on what that is in a minute.  I should probably introduce myself.  I’m Cecily, I live in Manchester, and I am addicted to knitting.  In fact, I am so addicted that I think that everybody else should be addicted to it as well.  Hence, I am offering my services to you, dear reader.   I intend to use this blog to show you what my needles (in various forms) are up to, and maybe give you some ideas for your own knitterly projects.  I am also available in the Manchester area as a knitting teacher, for private lessons, workshops and general hen-nights, parties and evenings of disrepute.  Please click on the about tab at the top to find out more about me, and the other tab if you are interesting in learning how to knit.

Now, what is the above picture?  That is Tarn, or t-shirt yarn that I made out of a worn-out dress.  I intend to mix it with some other similar-coloured t-shirt yarns I have yet to take the scissors to and crochet a large rug out of it to inflict on my living-room.  Or my bathroom if it doesn’t turn out as large as intended.

More on the t-shirt yarn saga will surely follow, dear reader…