Hello.  I’m Cecily, and I’m a knitting addict.  And I want to spread that to the nation!  I blog here about my knitting and other crafty adventures, and also publish information about knitting lessons, I have been teaching knitting for six years.  I run public workshops in my fair city, and also private ones for hen/birthday/anything you can think of parties.

I have been knitting since I was 12, and show no signs of stopping.  I have knitted jumpers, socks, scarves, hats, coasters, shawls, toys… you name it, I have knitted it.  I am fond of the slightly quirky.  I also enjoy upcycling using various crafts and making jewellery.

Why knitting?  Well, first of all, it’s fun, and also relaxing.  Perfect for those who are maybe a little bit stressed because it is an easily portable hobby, and can be done in a short time or a longer time depending on what you want to knit.  Also, making things gives you a sense of achievement, and an outlet for your creativity.  Knitting is recession-proof; all you need are some needles and some yarn.  And it gives you the chance to make unique gifts for friends and family – handmade gifts are worth so much more than bought ones.  Finally, you can knit and watch the TV at the same time.  This hobby effectively eliminates slob-guilt!

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