Been sewing some yo-yos


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, life has suddenly got a bit mad!  So, the jumper is still going..!  I’ve needed something quick and easy to do to compensate for the slow progress of the jumper, and so I’ve been doing some sewing.  This was triggered by the fact that I have completely sorted through my bedroom, and let me tell you, it looks like a palace!  A quite small palace, I’ll admit, but I really like being in there now because it’s so tidy and relaxing.  So, I decided it needed things on the walls, so I have started to make a wall hanging.  Out of my old pyjamas.  Well, they had shrunk so much they were unwearable, and I liked the pattern.  This led me to dig out other old clothes that are not fit for anyone to wear, even in bed.  I found a red t-shirt.  And further digging has thrown up a purple nighty I had when I was 15 with ‘night party’ written on it.., and some black velvet left over from some trouser legs.  Here are some of the yo-yos I have made out of the pyjamas and t-shirt:

I’m going to sew them together into a heart-shape for my wall, and if I have any left over I will make matching cushion  covers.  I have quite a lot already – 29 –  and that’s only from the pyjama top and t-shirt, I haven’t started on the trousers or other fabrics yet.  Lots to do!  More knitting updates over the next few days!

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