Some Stitchwork


I took my boyfriend’s camera today to take some photos – I’m still new to this picture-taking lark.  He was telling me something about macro and micro settings on his camera, I didn’t really understand but we did end up with some better photos so that was something!  Just thought I’d post some of some different stitches I did a while ago.

Above is a panel from a scarf I made for said boyfriend a few years ago.  This scarf is basically what happens when you mix three balls of yarn with a Vogue stitch dictionary in the form of a calendar.  I quite like this stitch.  Actually, I wonder if this is from another stitch dictionary I have.  I will get back to you on that.

I like this panel.  Not sure it’s the most manly of patterns for a scarf but when I saw it I had to knit it.  I think it would also make some nice socks, what do you think?  This one is definitely from the Vogue calendar because I lost this specific page when I wanted to make my Mum a scarf out of it.  Found it now, thankfully.

Final one now:

Basketweave in some yarn I used to make the man THE jumper.  You will probably be hearing about THE jumper shortly.  Needless to say it involves another tale of woe.  But I like basketweave, I have since I started knitting.  I get quite impatient while knitting it, though, all that switching backwards and forwards between knits and purls every five stitches.  Probably that is why the largest thing I have ever made in it was the panel for this scarf.

PS  Knitting experts spot the twisted stitches!  Who would have thought that purling with your yarn the wrong way round the needle could do that!  Thankfully not a problem I have now, I still think these stitches are pretty, though.

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